Friday, October 26, 2007

One of Those Days........ However.....

Okay, have you ever had ONE OF THOSE DAYS????? Well today was my "One of those days". I started off my morning by preparing my slow cooker for this evening's meal. (Slow cookers are awesome!) Once my boys and I ate breakfast we headed out to the grocery store. I put my jacket on as it was a bit nippy outside.

When we arrived at the store I turned off the van, put the keys in my jacket and stepped outside. I decided that maybe it wasn't so cold after all and took my jacket off and laid it on the passenger seat. I then picked up my 18-month-old, had my older son step out, and I locked the van and closed the doors.

After I finished paying for my groceries I began digging in my purse for my keys. "Hmmn, where could they be?" It was then that I realized, "Oh no!" that the keys were in the pocket of my jacket sitting inside my car.

The boys and I walked outside while I prayed that I didn't lock the van - but of course I did. "Now what????" All these options ran through my head and then I remembered that there was a spare house key hidden somewhere at my house. All we had to do was walk home. Now thank God that we live within walking distance from the store. So here I was pushing a cart full of groceries with my 18-month-old in the seat and my 6-year-old pushing another cart full of groceries behind me. I'm sure people driving by were wondering what the heck I was doing.

We finally made it home, unloaded the carts, grabbed my husband's keys, and trekked back to the store. Once there we parked the cart, got inside my van and drove home.

While putting the groceries away I accidentally hit my slow cooker and noticed that it was not hot. I looked at the knob and saw that it was turned off.

"Umm Adam?"

"Yes, mom?"

"Did you turn off my slow cooker?"


"When did you turn it off?"

"Before we left to the grocery store." (That was 3 hours ago!")

"Ooookaaay, why did you turn it off?"

"Because I didn't want us wasting electricity."

Can you imagine my look at this point???? Well, I explained to him how a slow cooker works and how he was not to turn something off without first asking me. In the meantime, I lost 3 hours worth of slow cooking so I had to crank it up to "high".

So that was my morning.....


To offset my morning's adventure there is one thing that is exciting for me. Guess what I get to see before anyone else does????? -- the NEW ISSUE of Altered Arts! I am holding (actually it's sitting beside me on the table) the Nov/Dec issue. Being the Managing Editor does have its perks!


Lori Roberts said...

Too funny! Adam was only trying to help and what a good boy he was for being so cautious just in case! Out of the mouths of babes!

AND NO FAIR!! We want to see the new issue!

alteredangel said...

Now that is why we have kids! to humble us and keep us right on track! Too cute
Robin Knutson

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

What a day Clara, been there on both counts lol it sure makes you appreciate the days that do go right :-)