Monday, January 28, 2008

Altered Arts E-Magazine - It's Finally Available - FREE!

Well, by now those of you on our email list should have received an email stating how you can download our new Altered Arts E-magazine. If you have had a chance to download and view it, share your thoughts about the e-magazine with me. Either email me directly at or post your comments here.

Folks, this e-magazine is FREE. If you haven't downloaded it yet visit to do so. You will be given a coupon code which you must input in order for it to show up as free. If by chance the coupon code does not work, put "pay by check" and then DON'T send in a check - - the e-magazine is FREE! (Did I say that already?)

Hope to hear from you.


alteredangel said...

hi Clara! I did respond to Cyndi about the e mag it is fabulous! Becareful with those alochol chocolates they will keep you warm however! Hugs Robin

Lori Roberts said...

Hey Clara! For all you do for all of us there is something on my blog for you. I hope you pick it up and pass it on! You certainly deserve it!